Frequently asked questions

For Installers 

Which inverters is SolarTrak compatible with?

SolarTrak is compatible with all major string inverters in the market.  If you don’t see your preferred inverter brand listed, please Contact Us, as we have a future planned compatibility list and have new inverter drivers continually under development

Does SolarTrak work with Micro-Inverters?

Currently SolarTrak is only compatible with String Inverters.

Which Revenue/Market meters is SolarTrak compatible with?

SolarTrak is compatible with all major brand Revenue grade meters in South Australia.  Please Contact us for a complete list.

Is SolarTrak dynamic export limit ready?

Yes, SolarTrak devices have inbuilt capability to meet future SA Power Networks requirements around dynamic and flexible export limits due 2021

Where can I buy a SolarTrak device from?

All orders for SolarTrak can be placed online via our Online Order Form.  Stock will shortly be held locally in South Australia for fast shipping and same business day dispatch.

How does the SolarTrak device connect to the internet?

SolarTrak devices connect via Ethernet cable into the customers internet connected router.

Future SolarTrak hardware will be natively 4G enabled. In the interim, SolarTrak can operate with our separately provided external 4G model when required

Does SolarTrak work with WIFI?

Unfortunately WIFI will not be an available method of connecting SolarTrak device to the internet.  Under the new regulations, WIFI is considered unreliable for systems remaining compliant and connected to the internet.  The SolarTrak team strongly believes that any devices being offered with WIFI under an Relevant Agent agreement will very quickly become onerous to all stakeholders (customer, agent AND installer) and is thus unsustainable as an option.

How do I get my customers signed up with SolarTrak so I can legally sell them a PV system?

By ensuring that your customer signs a Solartrak Relevant Agent Agreement at the point of sale or quote acceptance, you will be meeting the new requirements.

Remember to include the first year of monitoring in your pricing to the customer ($55.00 inc GST for control only, $99.00 inc GST for control and monitoring), as first year fees are embedded in the agreement, and will be invoiced to installers at the time of ordering the hardware.

How much does the SolarTrak hardware cost?

Hardware costs will depend on the system size and added options required.  Please register as an Installer to receive an Accredited Installer Agreement and subsequent Installer pricelist.

How will I register the PV systems that I install?

Upon becoming a registered SolarTrak installer, you will be provided with the online tools to register your installations electronically with SolarTrak.

Can I monitor all of the PV systems that I have installed as a fleet view?

Yes.  As a registered SolarTrak installer, you have the ability for fleet-level view access, allowing you to monitor your entire fleet of SolarTrak installations .

Is local Technical Support available for SolarTrak devices?

South Australian technical support will be provided between 8:30am and 5:00pm on weekdays.  Weekend support is currently offered via email/webchat.  SolarTrak will soon offer 24-hour support to all registered installers.

How can I register as an accredited SolarTrak Installer?

All registrations can be initiated via our online Web Form.  The SolarTrak team will then be in contact with you to complete the onboarding process.  All new Installers will be provided with a firm understanding of our devices capability, installation and registration process.

For Owners

Why has the SA Government introduced rules around remote disconnection of rooftop PV?

South Australia has more than 1,300 megawatts (MW) of installed rooftop solar capacity, making it the largest (combined) grid connected generator in the state.  Yet the vast majority of rooftop solar to date does not have the capability to have its output controlled.  To encourage future rooftop solar whilst maintaining grid stability, there is now a clear need to introduce some control to new generation being installed.  This limited control will assist the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) under certain circumstances to maintain the required supply and demand balance in our state.

Under what circumstances will rooftop PV be disconnected?

Control of rooftop PV will only be implemented as a last resort to rebalance the energy system. In extreme circumstances, rooftop PV may need to be interrupted for a few hours on a few days a year, or during other infrequent events, such as South Australia being temporarily disconnected/islanded from the National Electricity Market (NEM). 

Who will actually disconnect rooftop PV in South Australia?

The only two parties that have authorisation to initiate disconnect of rooftop PV is the South Australian Government, or the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).  This direction is carried out simultaneously by all registered Agents such as SolarTrak. 

Will rooftop PV owners be notified if their system is disconnected?

Any direction involving remote disconnection of PV systems will involve an advice from SolarTrak to our customers via email or SMS.

Where is my data stored, and is it secure?

SolarTrak believes that data security is extremely important to our customers. Unlike other companies who may host data on servers in foreign countries, all SolarTrak customer data is securely stored in Australia in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001:2017 international standards.   Solartrak uses end to end encryption technology (SSL encrypted communication) Click Here to see our Privacy Policy.

What happens if I sell my premises?

Customers are required to notify SolarTrak upon the sale of any premises with a registered device, so that the new owner can sign a Relevant Agent agreement and remain connected to the grid.

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